Visiting research collaborator

For ten days, our collaborator Paul Manger from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, came to Japan to visit our laboratory. He gave an exciting talk about his research on comparative neuroanatomy to students, researchers and professors of Hokkaido University.


Paul Manger giving a overview talk of his research to Japanese students of Hokkaido University

New Staff Members!

Soon we will start with the homogenization and cell counting of Baird’s Bake Whale brain, and definitely we need additional hands to process this enormous brain. Fortunately two new staff members joined our laboratories today: Hinako Katsushima & Masakazu Hoshino. We’re pleased to have them in our group and besides that, they really did a fantastic job during cow brain homogenization practice!



Hinako Katsushima & Masakazu Hoshino